Why Choose The Aquatherm Pool Insulation System?

Insulation is by far the best way for you to save energy and money

We can reduce the amount of energy we use in our swimming pools by using renewable energy sources for efficient heating, such as heat pumps, new generation solar systems, along with the use of heat retaining covers, but by far the most effective way to reduce our CO2 emissions and our energy bills is to reduce our energy demand.  With The Aquatherm Pool Insulation System you can guarantee lower CO2 emissions and look forward to much lower fuel bills, (up to 66% lower).

Thermal insulation is the method of preventing heat from escaping a container or from entering the container.  Thermal insulation will keep a pool warm and outside the pool cold.  Heat is transferred from one material to another and insulators are used to minimise that transfer of heat energy.

All thermal insulation materials work on a single basic principle:  heat moves from warmer to colder areas.  Insulation is the material which slows this process.  Aquatherm Pool Panels have tiny pockets of harmless trapped gas.  These pockets resist the transfer of heat.  The Aquatherm Pool Insulation System is 50% more effective than any insulation fitted externally to a pool, eliminating 86% of heat loss.

Aquatherm Pool Panels have the highest compressive strength of any commonly available insulants and are ideal for this specialist application and will provide reliable long term thermal performance over the lifetime of a swimming pool, reducing pool heating bills by as much as 66%.  Its unique closed cell structure gives it its high compressive strength with unparalleled resistance to water penetration.

The Aquatherm Pool Panels are further enhanced by The Aquatherm Fast Track Render System.  The Aquatherm Fast Track Render is a cementacious, waterproofing fast track render system which sets to form a monolithic bond with the Aquatherm Pool Panel substrate, creating an impervious barrier to the movement of water.  This provides watertight protection after 36 hours.  It also has built in strength, durability and elasticty to withstand potential minor movement in ground conditons.

The Aquatherm Pool Insulation System complies with the new Building Regulations which come into effect in both 2010 and 2013 and actively supports the 10:10 campaign launched on September 1st 2009.