Key Features and Benefits of The Aquatherm Pool Insulation System

Strong & rigid insulation

Aquatherm Pool Panels are more than a simple lightweight insulant.  The inherent mechanical strength of the range means that a building element using the panels can withstand a wide range of loading situations.  The Aquatherm Fast Track Render provides excellent durability, with superior adhesion and monolithic bonding.

Water Resistant

Many insulants get wet in use or during installation.  Aquatherm Pool Panels are 100% closed cell and as such is unaffected by moisture.  Aquatherm Pool Panels installed in conjunction with our protective waterproof membrane, Aquatherm Fast Track 2 Coat Render leaves you confident of the highest performance.  Aquatherm Fast Track Render is a dense impermeable render that offers watertight protection, with chemical resistance.

Aquatherm Pool Insulation System
Aquatherm Pool Insulation System


The closed cell structure and density of Aquatherm Pool Panels allow specific design features and pool details to be cut into the boards to make them fit any swimming pool, new build, concrete, liner, above ground, etc.  Aquatherm Fast Track Render reduces shrinkage, crackage and improves flexibility and ensures water tightness.


Despite the strength of Aquatherm Pool Panels, they are very light and are an easy to handle solution to all your pool insulation needs.  Aquatherm Pool Insulation System is a user friendly choice.

Ozone Friendly

As well as being an insulation solution and thus an environmentally sound choice, all Aquatherm Pool Insulation Panels are 100% ozone friendly.