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18mm 2 coat render to walls & 25mm screed to floor
Rendering & Screeding

Rendering and Screeding Service

Diamond Pool Finishers have qualified tradesmen with extensive experience of specialist materials and cutting edge installation techniques used in the preparation, rendering and screeding of your pool shell.  We specialise entirely on swimming pools and associated wet leisure areas and work to the highest standard ensuring every consideration at this crucial stage of construction.  We offer:

Traditional Waterproof Renders and Screeds

Fast Track Waterproof Rendering and Screeding Systems

Reinforcing and Tanking Systems - including wet and membrane types.


Mosaic Tiled Finish to Residential Indoor Pool
Residential Indoor Mosaic Tiled Pool

Diamond Pool Finishers specialise in mosaics, ceramic, glass, natural stone, porcelain and marble.

Mosaic tiles offer a most durable and aesthetically pleasing finish.  They offer one of the most practical options for lining your pool and surround, so whatever your budget and taste, Diamond Pool Finishers will find something to inspire you in your choice of mosaics for your pool.  We are happy to work with clients own design ideas and tiles where applicable or we can work with you to achieve your design goal.

We have many tile suppliers which enable us to offer you, brochures and samples to assist you with colours, sizes, patterns and the latest specialist design features and motifs.  Diamond Pool Finishers offer custom finishes and unique tile designs, giving meticulous consideration to both preparation and setting out.

We have a wealth of experience in architect led projects which have involved prestigious leisure, health and beauty suites, steam rooms, shower/changing rooms, commercial pools and spas.

Diamond Pool Finishers remains the benchmark for high quality, unique and superior tiled pools and spas.......

Slate Finishes

Chinese Green Slate
Rendered & Screeded with Chinese Green Slate Finish

Diamond Pool Finishers have a range of slate available in various colours and can be used both for pool interiors and on pool surrounds and other wet leisure areas. It gives a natural finish and achieves a unique and durable design.


Pacelite finish with mosaic tile bands
Render/Screed, Pacelite Finish with Mosaic tile bands

Pacelite is a ready mixed hand applied marble finish.  Pacelite is available in an array of colours with a distinctive sparkling finish and gives you all the enduring qualites of beautiful natural marble.

Pacelite is a recognised and respected name in the swimming pool industry, where it was perhaps better known as Marbline or Marbelite.  Diamond Pool Finshers were amongst the first trained applicators of Marbelite over 30 years ago and are pleased to offer our services as an approved contractor today.

Freeform or traditional, Pacelite gives you unimaginable flexibility, with the benefit of a tactile slip resistant surface.  Applied in conjunction with a traditional or modern bespoke waterline tile band and the end result will be admired for years to come.

If you are building a new pool or have an existing Marbelite pool that needs refurbishment call Diamond Pool Finishers for more information or a quote today.

Coping Stones/Tiles

Whether you choose to replace your existing coping, or if conditions permit, remove and reset your existing coping, Diamond Pool Finishers is able to provide a wide selection of coping stones and tiles for you to choose from.

Diamond Pool Finishers has a professional reputation within the industry for a high standard of workmanship..........